City of Redding Podcast

Redding's Helpful Housing Programs

July 06, 2021 City of Redding Season 1 Episode 33
City of Redding Podcast
Redding's Helpful Housing Programs
Show Notes

Welcome to the City of Redding podcast!  In this episode, we connect with Steve and Chad from the city’s housing division to hear about some of the great housing assistance programs available to the community. 

These programs include the following:

  • Minor Home Repairs for seniors - this is for community members 62 and older and addresses small repairs such as leaky faucets or broken toilets
  • Emergency Repair Program - the purpose of this program is to provide assistance with basic health and safety repairs for homeowners who are otherwise unable to obtain other financial resources. This also includes grants for landlords who plan on making accessibility improvements for rentals to disabled community members.
  • The Homebuyer Program helps income-eligible community members with the home buying process 
  • And lastly the Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan Program aids with major home rehab projects like roofing, pests, flooring, painting, and more.

Also, if you are a general contractor looking for additional work, the Housing Division is currently adding qualified contractors to the project lists for these programs so apply today! This is a great way to secure contracting jobs and help those in need.

Visit for more information on these programs and the Housing Division.