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Are PFAS Chemicals really in Redding Water?

November 15, 2023 City of Redding Season 3 Episode 38
City of Redding Podcast
Are PFAS Chemicals really in Redding Water?
Show Notes

This episode was specifically recorded to address a water quality issue that recently came to light in a Record Searchlight article that could cause unnecessary concern for community members. The article indicated the presence of PFAS or “forever chemicals” in Redding drinking water.  We wanted to speak directly with Josh Watkins, Water Utility Manager for the City of Redding, about the article and set the record straight on water quality in Redding.

While it’s true that a reportable amount of PFAS chemicals were detected in Enterprise Well #3 in Redding earlier this year, there’s additional important information to provide the right context.  For instance, Josh explains that a recent study found almost 17,000 more traces of these chemicals in chocolate cake frosting than in the Enterprise Well. In fact, these chemicals are found just about everywhere - unfortunately.  

Josh breaks down the stringent testing standards they adhere to, explains why the City of Redding has some of the cleanest water in the State, and tells us that, yes, he drinks tap water from his office - incidentally, not far from where the Enterprise Well sits - without a second thought.

While we don’t want to understate the concern of detecting potentially harmful chemicals in our water supply, Josh and the Water Utility Division are confident that our water is safe to drink.

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